Came to my rescue

After listening to some worship music earlier, a particular line really stuck out to me.

“I called… you answered… and you came to my rescue…”

This is only a brief snippet of the song, but it opened my eyes to the last 7 months of my life and really got to me.

You see, less than a year ago, I was literally crying out almost every night to a God that I didn’t even know if I believed existed- to save me. I didn’t know that I was lost or even needed to be saved, but I was severely depressed and had no hope in life at all. I had tried everything through the course of the previous 6 years: drugs, alcohol, counseling, medication, you name it.

Well, drugs and alcohol couldn’t fill the emptiness inside of me nor could they work as an antidepressant forever. No counselor or psychologist had any answers I was looking for, and no amount of medication could help me either. I was completely hopeless.

I remember laying in bed and praying, “God, if you’re real, you have to take this depression away. I’ve tried everything, and nothings worked. If you’re real, take this away, or else I don’t think I can live any longer.”

I called out to God. God answered. God rescued.

God replaced my depression, emptiness, and hopelessness with the ultimate happiness found in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. He replaced my drive to find satisfaction in drugs, alcohol, and women with a desire to grow closer to Him.

So, I guess my question to you is: have you called out to God for answers?

When you come across problems and troubles in life, do you turn to the created things of this world for help, or do you turn to the Creator?

God wants us to rely on Him and give our troubles over to Him. He’s waiting patiently for you to call on His name. It’s a lot easier to get through life when you give control over to your Creator. He knows what’s best for you.

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