God-Incident, not coincidence

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here, which is weird because I’ve felt God’s presence so often lately and had a couple mini-revelations in the last month. Anyways, I’ll dive right in to my latest God-Incident…

I’m living in S. Lake Tahoe, California this summer with my brother, and I just started working two weeks ago. The job required that I get some khaki pants, and I didn’t pack any for the summer, so I had to go buy some. So, the night before I started I drove around aimlessly trying to figure out where the nearest department store was. While driving, I noticed a large sign for a two-story thrift shop. In the past three or four months I’ve gotten really into strolling around different thrift shops and trying to find some cool stuff for really cheap. So, with that said, I felt pretty obligated to check this mansion of a thrift shop out.

I got into the store and looked around for about a half hour. I was a little disappointed, and started to walk out, but on my way out, I saw a bookshelf out of the corner of my eye. For some reason I felt drawn to the bookshelf, like I had to check it out before I left. Not thinking twice, I did, and the first book I saw was a Christian one that was old and beat up. I read the inside cover of it and it talked about hearing God’s call through the storm. That sounded interesting enough to me, so I decided to dish out $1.95 and buy it.

Anyways, the next day I decided to crack open the book after work while I was the only one home. In the first chapter, only three pages in, the author told a story about a man who was struggling with the SAME EXACT THING that I was, and how the man had to choose between that and being fully committed to God. The moment I read that, I dropped the book and chills ran up my spine. I was overwhelmed with the presence of the Holy Spirit and couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is the best feeling in the world, and it’s so hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it yourself. It was 100% clear that God was speaking directly to me through this book. It was no coincidence that I ended up in that thrift shop and felt drawn to the bookshelf. It was no coincidence that the first thing in the book related directly to what I was dealing with in my own life. It was an act of God. He was communicating with me. It’s awesome to see the lengths God will go to to get your attention.

After reading this part of the book, I knew God was speaking to me so I stopped reading and began praying on the subject at hand. I was filled with love, peace, comfort, and joy and knew what God wanted me to do. I took his message and changed this aspect of my life and it hasn’t been an issue since. The issue hasn’t even crossed my mind since the mini-revelation took place, and it’s been two weeks.

Now, you tell me… coincidence, or God-Incident?

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