I’ve Been Saved!

So, after years of searching for who I am, who I want to be, and what this life is all about, I’ve finally found something worthy. I found God and turned my life over to him. Wow, even writing that seems so weird since just a month ago I was living for myself and devoted to partying, filled with selfish goals and ambitions, and thought I could navigate through life on my own. With that being said, the last few weeks of my life have been phenomenal. God has found me through a close friend. This friend was recently saved also, and I decided to join a student Christian group on campus with him- Cru. I was pretty hesitant and unsure at first, but I stuck with it and attended the weekly Cru meeting, along with meeting with a disciple once a week to work through a Bible study/Christian booklet. The more I learned, the more I understood the big picture. I became fascinated with the power of God and how he works inside each of us. Finally, this past weekend I attended a retreat with Cru and that was just what I needed. The fellowship and bonding was awesome. I met and became friends with people that I never would have thought I’d be friends with. I felt like a new breath of life was given to me from God, and my eyes were opened to what this life is all about. I felt as if I was pledging Christianity in the past month or so, and this retreat was my initiation. Since the retreat, I’ve made many changes in my life and gotten rid of the pity things that don’t matter, or have no benefit to me. God is now the number one priority in my life. I’m still learning and figuring more things out, but in the coming weeks I plan on posting my whole story leading up to how and why God found me. For now, God Bless, and thanks for reading!

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