The Atheist debate

A few weeks ago I watched a video online with four people debating the question of Satan: Is he real? One of the four was Evangelical Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church. Becoming a fan of his in the past year, I was excited to watch the video and see what he had to say.

I had been watching videos on You Tube of the average person’s perspective on God. I was a little disappointed to see many Christians arguing and stooping down to the other people’s levels when it came to this subject. Most atheists’ videos claimed the usual stuff: God doesn’t exist, Christians are delusional, if there’s a God why is there so many bad things going on in the world, etc. etc.

For me, I’ve read plenty of books and done my own research to determine if there’s a God, and I’ve always believed. While I used to doubt at times, due to the past four months I need no further explanation. I’ve experienced God. He came into my life and transformed my heart, mind, and soul. Now, I don’t need people to convince me with facts, because I’ve lived it, felt it.

Though I can understand why atheists have their doubts, I do feel bad for them. They spend so much time arguing, debating, and building up anger towards Christians, that it makes me say, “If there’s not a God, why are these people making it a top priority to try and prove Christians wrong?” Well, if the subject of God has become such a big part of their life, maybe it’s because God himself is trying to get their attention.

Anyways, while watching the debate with Mark Driscoll, I was intrigued at some of the atheists’ views and responses. They don’t believe in intelligent design, yet they have no idea how we got here. They think we evolved from monkeys, yet they can’t explain where we automatically receive our morals from. “We’re human, that’s why we have morals,” they boldly proclaim.

Out of all the nonsense I heard from the two atheists at the debate, one thing really stuck out to me and hit home hard. A Christian audience member asked on of the two a simple, yet powerful question, “What if you’re wrong?”

When asked this, the mad dodged an actual answer and turned the question around on the audience member saying, “What if you’re wrong about the man in the sky?”

His response astonished me. It seems obvious that his answer should have been, but he didn’t answer, he tried to be witty and turn it around on the audience member. Well, I will answer the question for him. As a matter of fact, I will answer both questions:

To the Atheist: “What if you’re wrong?”

-Well, If I’m wrong, then I will burn in hell for eternity. I will wish that I had listened to others and let down my pride. I wouldn’t have tried to outsmart God. I will want so badly to cry out to Jesus to rescue me from hell, but it will be impossible because I’ve never known Jesus, and I never accepted him as my Lord and Savior. My life on earth will have failed miserably and I will be paying the price eternally.

To the Christian: “What if you’re wrong?”

-Well, if I’m wrong, then it won’t matter because when I die nothing will happen. But if that’s the case, I will have lived the most fulfilling life humanly possible. I lived humbly, helped others, and was all around a genuinely great person. I know that the life I lived was the only way to experience true happiness; happiness you can’t find in alcohol, drugs, sex, or money. Overall, I will have lived a great, fulfilling, happy life.

So, knowing the difference between the two answers, it’s a no-brainer to me that the Christian life is the only life to live. Not only do we know it’s true because of the Bible, but we know it’s the most fulfilling life out there. Is it really worth risking your eternal life because you don’t think there’s a God? Is it worth this short, short lifetime to debate and try to disprove God, risking that once you die you’ll forever live in hell?

It saddens me to see people living their lives blind to the truth and assuming there’s no Heaven or hell. Are you really going to risk your eternal life based on an opinion? It’s truly, truly sad, and shocking to me that people are willing to do that. I don’t want anybody to live for eternity in hell. But more importantly, neither does Jesus. He wants you to live with Him in Heaven forever.

Take some time to really weigh the positives and negatives of living for God. Do your research. Look up the historical accuracy of the Bible and be witness to the billions of Christians worldwide who have personally experienced God in their lives. It’s your decision. Heaven, or hell?

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