The Holy Spirit is the best high

So, before I hit the sheets for the night, I felt obligated to share what I’ve learned today and how I’ve felt the Holy Spirit present within me. First off, I woke up this morning feeling not so great. I was having some doubts about my recent life-changing transformation to Christianity. I was wondering if it’s really worth it, to give up all the materialistic things in this world that are temporarily satisfying, to be filled with the presence of God for the rest of my life.

Well, I asked a fellow Christian friend how he deals with feelings of doubt and temptation, and he directed me to the Word. Specifically, the Gospels. I kept that in mind, but didn’t get to it right away. Instead, I kept trying to get through the day on my own. After watching a movie with a friend, we decided to come back to my place and work through a booklet called “Thirsty.” It refers to the Word and has a full lesson with chapters. I felt that the Holy Spirit directed us to work through this, because the more we talked and worked through it, the better we both started to feel. Temptations of alcohol and other things were pulling at us tonight, but God pulled back even harder and showed those temptations who’s boss. I’ve realized that when I’m feeling doubtful or unsure, the best relief is to resort to the Bible and all my skepticism will be turned into awe and gratification, rejuvenating my soul and giving me new life. It’s truly amazing how God works like that, because after working through that booklet and reading the Word for 45 minutes or so, we both had an indescribable feeling inside of us that made us crave more. I know that I’m doing the right thing. God is the King. He can do anything. I love it. Had to get that off my chest. Looking forward to another battle tomorrow filled with temptations. God always prevails.
Good Night, God Bless.

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